Participant scientist, technical coordinator, editor of two synthesis of deep offshore tectonics with Société Géologique de France and American Association of Petroleum Geologists

   The Southeast Asia Region is often used as a case example for studying active and recent processes of subduction, volcanic arc evolution, back-arc and fore-arc opening and supra subduction mountain building. The variety of active tectonic processes present in this part of the world provides a remarkable model to help to understand the geodynamic evolution of complex areas such as the Téthys system developed during the Mesozoic between Europe and Africa.

   The DOTSEA project aimed at producing a global synthesis of South-East Asia tectonics and geodynamic processes in the shape of high quality and simple maps taking into account the most recent work both offshore and onshore. TOTAL, CONOCO, UNOCAL and EXXON funded the project.
   The objective of DOTMed was to compile and synthesize new data obtained by the Ecole normale supérieure marine group in the deep waters of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea combined with other sources of scientific information. All sources were compiled into a GIS base from which a series of maps were produced with the general scientific guideline of coherency of the global geodynamic frame. EXXON and TOTAL supported the project.